Here to buy trade services?
You can get what you want now with TradeNow.

Download the
TradeNow App

Go to the App Store or Google Play Store and download the TradeNow App.


Setting up your account is very easy and only takes a couple of minutes. 

The App features double authentication security for your peace of mind and protection.

Find your

Using the App search feature, find a licensed trade business in your area. We have a full list of businesses ready and willing to help you make it happen.

Let them know you’d like to pay with TradeNow so you can make your purchase quickly and easily. 

If your favourite trade business isn’t in the App, no problem! Ask them to download the TradeNow App and register as part of our network.  

If you want to know what trade services are available, click here.

Open a
Zip account

Apply for your Zip account and make as many purchases as you want up to your limit. Opening an account is easy. Go to


Zip offers payment flexibility so you can tailor your payments to suit your lifestyle. Every purchase is interest free.

You can spend between $50 and $5,000 on TradeNow purchases straight away. Terms and condition apply.


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